Li Bai (Li Bo, Li Po) 701-762

Tang dynasty poet. Li grew up in Western China (modern Sichuan) and is said to have inherited something of the "bravura" characteristic of renowned literary predecessors hailing from this region such as Sima Xiangru and Chen Zi'ang. In the mid-720s, he travelled down the Yangzi Valley to make his fortune, and in 742 was summoned to court and given a post in the new Hanlin Academy, only to be expelled in 744. Li wandered for a time, was implicated for a time in the revolt of Prince Yun, and spent the final years of his life wandering the Yangzi Valley in search of a patron. There are 1004 poems ascribed to Li in the Complete Poetry of the Tang. Li was best known to his contemporaries for his yuefu poetry and ballads, which also served as the basis for his later reputation. Li Bai's reputation was considerable in his own lifetime, but probably secondary to that of poets such as Wang Wei. It was in the mid-Tang that Li is first raised to the eminence he continues to enjoy to this day. On this point, he is also particularly significant in being one of the earliest and most important figures in the cult of individual genius in Chinese poetry.

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