Li Hanzhang fl. 1780

A native of Jinning, Yunnan province. Her father, Li Yinpei served as governor of Hubei. Li Hanzhang became the second wife of Ye Peisun, also a provincial governor. He and the eminent literary figure Yuan Mei were same-year graduates of the metropolitan examination in 1739; one of Yuan's woman students, Chen Changsheng was his and Li's daughter-in-law. Yuan Mei praised Li Hanzhang in his Suiyuan shihua, saying she 'truly has the superior technique of the Tang poets' and that she shows exceptional insights in her poems on historical subjects. The poems of five Ye family women, including those from Li's collection, Fanxiang shicao [Scents of Artemisia Poetry Drafts], were collected in an anthology titled Zhiyunlou heji [Combined Writings from Weaving-the-Clouds Lodge], published in 1817. Li's poems were selected for inclusion in several widely circulated anthologies of late imperial women's poetry.