Lin Huiyin L] 1903-1955

Lin was an outstanding architect and literary figure in the twentieth-century China. Born in Fujian province, she went to Europe with her father in 1919 and studied briefly at St Marys College in London. Upon her return to China, she was introduced to literary circles and took part in the activities of the Crescent Moon Society. In 1925 she went to the United States to study architecture, together with her husband Liang Sicheng 䦨. After Lin finished her studies in the U.S. and returned to China, she started her career in teaching and architecture, and at the same time wrote poems in quantity and published many plays, fiction, and prose. In her story In Ninety-nine Degrees of Heat selected in this issue, Lin employed the technique of montage, creatively weaving together the lives of people from different social strata and thus showing an interesting panorama of life in Beiping.