Liu Cixin 劉慈欣 1963-

Born in Beijing, now residing in Shanxi, works as a senior engineer for a power plant. Representative of the current generation of Chinese science fiction writers, his work is filled with grand majestic scenery and vivid imagination, combining abstract fantasy with concrete modern technology to highlight the beauty and significance of science. His most renowned novels include the Santi 三體 [Three bodies] trilogy (2006, 2007, 2010), the final volume of which received the Chinese Nebula Award for best novel in 2011, Chaoxinxing jiyuan 超新星紀元 [Era of the supernova] (1999), Qiuzhuang shandian 球狀閃電 [Lightening ball] (2005), and short stories such as ‘Liulang diqiu’ 流浪地球 [The wandering Earth] (2000) and ‘Xiangcun jiaoshi’ 鄉村教師 [The village schoolteacher] (2001). Liu has won the Chinese Science Fiction Galaxy Awards nine times since 1999. English translations of nine of his novellas and short novels have been published as e-books.