Liu Yichang 劉以鬯 [real name Lau Cheong Ning 劉昌年] 1918-

Liu is a writer, literary editor, and the founder of Hong Kong Literary Monthly 香港文學 which he edited until 2000. Liu graduated from St. John's University in 1941 and was a keen promoter of new literature in Shanghai. He became a journalist in the wartime capital of Chongqing and in 1948 moved to Hong Kong where he continued his literary pursuits. Liu is admired for his innovations in fiction-writing and for having nurtured local literary talent over several decades. Among his works the best known are the novel Jiutu 酒徒 [The boozer] and the short stories 'Duidao' 對倒 [Intersection] and 'Dacuole' 打錯了 [Wrong number]. A number of his short stories have been translated into several foreign languages.

Works available in English:

  • The Cockroach and Other Stories (ed. by D.E. Pollard). Hong Kong: Research
       Centre for Translation, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1995.