Li Yuzhong 1911-

Born in Hong Kong, Li started writing creatively in 1929. He founded the magazine Shi ye 詩頁 [Poetry page] in 1934 and co-founded Xianggang Wenyi Xiehui 香港文藝協會 [Hong Kong literature association] in 1936, after which he launched Nanfeng 南風 [Southerlies, 1937]. During the Anti-Japanese War, he edited a number of war publications in China. He is an Emeritus Professor at South China Normal University and a member of the China Writers Association. His publications include the poetry collection Kaixuan de gongmen 凱旋的拱門 [Arch of triumph] (1941) and the reportage Miandian yuanzheng ji 緬甸遠征記 [Burma expedition] (1943).