Li Shaohong 李少紅 1955-

Li began her career as a director of the Fifth Generation. From 1982 to 1995 she worked for the Beijing Film Studios and then established her own production company. After Blood-red Morning (a.k.a. Bloody morning; 1991), she directed several award-winning films, such as Sishi buhuo 四十不惑 (Family portrait; 1992), Hongfen 紅粉 (Blush; 1994), Lian'ai zhong de Baobei 戀愛中的寶貝 (Baober in love; 2004). Her latest film is Men 門 (The door; 2007). Li has also directed many successful television dramas, most recently the series Honglou meng 紅樓夢 (Dream of the red chamber; 2009). She was also one of the executive producers of the remake of Spring in a Small Town (dir. Tian Zhuangzhuang 田壯壯, 2002).

Xiao Mao 蕭矛 1954-

Xiao is a prolific screenwriter for film and television. Her most renowned works are the scripts of Blood-red Morning (co-written with the director) and Lan fengzheng 藍風箏 (The blue kite; dir. Tian Zhuangzhuang, 1993). She is also the author of Nüren de gushi 女人的故事 (Women's story; dir. Peng Xiaolian 彭小蓮, 1987). More recently, she has co-written the television series Xin daomadan 新刀馬旦 (New Peking opera blues; dir. Li Jiaqi 李家琦 and Wang Shuai 王帥, 2003) and written the series Qiuhaitang 秋海棠 (Begonia; dir. He Qun 何群, 2006).