Lu Li 1908-1942

Lu Li was born in a well-to-do family in a small town in the Tiantai mountains of Zhejiang province. He received his secondary education in Christian schools, and his university education in Zhijiang University and the Labour University in Shanghai. He had been a secondary teacher before he moved to Shanghai in 1931, where he worked full time for the Cultural Life publishing house. In 1942, during the Japanese occupation of Shanghai, when the Japanese troops confiscated a truckload of books of the publishing house, Lu Li went to the police station to make representations. He was detained and was never heard of again. He had published three books of prose, Haixing (Sea Stars), Zhudao (Bamboo knife) and Qiu lu ji (Imprisoning Greenery). His translation include one novel by Lamartine directly from French and two novels by Turgenev.