Luo Qilan 駱綺蘭 (courtesy name Peixiang 佩香, style name Qiuting 秋亭) b.1755

Luo was a talented poet and painter from Jiangsu province. She was married to Gong Shizhi 龔世治, and widowed in her thirties. Luo took Wang Wenzhi 王文治 (1730–1802) and Yuan Mei 袁枚 (1717–1798) as her teachers in the literati arts, and authored the anthology Tingqiuxuan shiji 聽秋軒詩集 [Poems from the Listening-to-autumn Studio]. The selection of poems translated in this issue focuses on her tihuashi 題畫詩, or poems on paintings, which are meant to reveal the intersection of her activities in both painting and poetry.