Lu Yin 1898-1934

Lu was one of the best known women writers in China during the 1920s and one of the most flamboyant woman literary personalities in modern Chinese literature. An early member of the Literary Association and a prolific writer, her published work included short stories, a novel, poetry, travelogues and hundreds of essays. Lu attended Peking Women's Normal College where she met other future women writers: her good friends Shi Pingmei ۵ (1902V1928) and Lu Jingqing (1907V1993), as well as Feng Yuanjun g and Su Xuelin ĬL. She defied family and social pressures to marry Guo Mengliang ڨ}, a man already bound by a traditional marriage contract. When he died two years after their marriage, Lu supported herself and their child through writing and teaching. His death was followed quickly by those of her mother, her brother and her devoted friend, Shi Pingmei. Her writings in the period of depression and dissipation which followed earned her a reputation as a romantic woman. Her late marriage to the poet Li Weijian ߫, nine years her junior, was considered scandalous in literary circles. She died in childbirth four years later. Her autobiography appeared in 1934.