Lu Yishi [real name Lu Yu 路逾] 1913-

Better known under another pen name, Ji Xian 紀弦, Lu was born in Hebei and came to Hong Kong in 1938, two years after he had launched the magazine Xinshi 新詩 [New poetry] (1936) with Dai Wangshu 戴望舒 (1905–1950). During the Anti-Japanese War he was an editor at the Nationalist Guomin ribao 國民日報 [National daily]. He went to Taiwan just before the Communist takeover. A major advocate for Modernist poetry, he co-founded Xiandaishi She 現代詩社 [Modern Poetry Society] and its magazine Xiandaishi 現代詩 [Modern poetry]. He emigrated to the US in 1976 and continues to publish. His poetry collections include Zhai xing de shaonian 摘星的少年 [The star-plucking youth] (1963) and Bandao zhi ge 半島之歌 [Songs of the peninsula] (1993).