Ma Boliang (Ronald P. Mar) [real name Ma Lang 馬朗] 1933-

Born in the United States, Ma went to China at the end of the Anti-Japanese War. He became the editor-in-chief of Wen chao 文潮 [Literature tides] at the age of fifteen. He fled to Hong Kong after the Communist takeover and founded Wenyi xinchao 文藝新潮 [New literary trends, 1956], which published translations of Modernist poems. He returned to the US in 1959 for further studies, after which he worked as a diplomat. His poetry collections include Meizhou sanshi xian 美洲三十絃 [Ronald Mar: 30 poems in America] (1976), Fen qin de langzi 焚琴的浪子 [The prodigal sons who burnt their harps] (1982) and Memory Lanes of Rain to my Dreams 江山夢雨 (2007).