Mao Dun 茅盾 [pen name of Shen Dehong 沈德鴻, also known by his courtesy name Shen Yanbing 沈雁冰] 1896-1981

Mao is celebrated as the leading realist writer of modern China, especially for works such as Ziye 子夜 [Midnight] (1932). Born in Zhejiang, Mao Dun took up a position at the Commercial Press in Shanghai in 1916. He was a founding member of the Wenxue Yanjiu Hui 文學研究會 [Literary study society] in 1921. He completed the trilogy of novellas known collectively as Shi 蝕 [Eclipse] in 1928, and later became a leader in the League of Left-wing Writers. From 1949 to 1965 he served as Minister of Culture of the PRC. His complete works were published in 1984 by the People’s Literature Publishing House.

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