Da Jiangfu F_ [real name Xu Baogeng }] 1937-

Da originally entered Tsinghua University in Beijing to study hydroelectric power generation but was later appointed professor of literature at the same institution. His research fields include Western and comparative literature, intellectual history, and cinema and television. He is a fiction writer and author of several film scripts.

Ma Lin L 1930-

He grew up in Tianjin and was briefly an actor in the Beijing Film Studios before joining the Film Bureau of the Ministry of Culture in 1952. In 1977 Ma was assigned as a scriptwriter to the Beijing Film Studios. Many of his scripts, as in the case of Neighbours, were collaborations with colleagues Da Jiangfu and Zhu Mei T, among others.

Zhu Mei T

Zhu is a Beijing film scriptwriter and frequent collaborator with Ma Lin and Da Jiangfu, including on Neighbours in this issue.