Ou Wai'ou [real name Li Zongda 李宗大] 1911-1995

Ou grew up in Hong Kong and went to Guangzhou as a teenager where he became the editor-in-chief of Shi qunzhong 詩群眾 [The poetry mass] and an editor of Zhongguo shitan 中國詩壇 [China poetry] in 1937. Returning to Hong Kong the next year, he worked as a teacher, an editor and a manager at a printer's where he facilitated the printing of pro-Communist publications. He left for China in 1942 to join in the Anti-Japanese War efforts, and did not return to Hong Kong until 1988. Among his collected works is Ou Wai Ou zhi shi 鷗外鷗之詩 [The poetry of Ou Wai Ou] (1985). He emigrated to the US in 1989.