Qian Zhongshu (Ch'ien Chung-shu) 1910-1999

Modern writer and expert on classical Chinese literature. A native of Wuxi, Jiangsu, Qian studied foreign languages at Qinghua University. In 1935, he went to Oxford, and in 1937 went on to study French literature at the University of Paris. In 1941, he published a collection of essays entitled Xie zai renshengbian shang [Written at the edge of life] and in 1946 RenĦDshouĦDgui [PeopleĦDanimalsĦDghosts], a volume of short-stories. In 1947, he published his acclaimed novel Weicheng [Fortress beseiged]. After 1949, he concentrated mainly on literary research.

Works available in English:

  • Fortress Besieged (Jeanne Kelly and Nathan K. Mao). Bloomington: Indiana
       University Press, 1979.
  • Limited Views: Essays on Ideas and Letters (Ronald Egan). Cambridge, Mass.:
       Harvard University Asia Center: Distributed by Harvard University Press, 1998.