Shu Xiangcheng [real nema Wong Shum Chuen 王深泉] 1921-1999

Born in Hong Kong, Shu went to China during the Anti-Japanese War, and subsequently stayed in Vietnam and Taiwan before returning to Hong Kong in 1948. Unable to make a living as a full-time writer, he worked in the commercial and education sectors. His poetry and fiction reveal the harsh reality of Hong Kong and of metropolitan life as a whole. His works include the poetry collections Huisheng ji 回聲集 [Echoes] (1970), Dushi shichao 都市詩鈔 [City poetry] (1973) and the fiction collection Taiyang xiashan le 太陽下山了 [The sun sets] (1962). His other pen names were Qin Xining 秦西寧 and Qiu Jianghai 邱江海.