Su Shi 1037-1101

Song-dynasty poet and painter, often known as Su Dongpo. Born in Meishan, Sichuan province Su—together with his father Su Xun and his younger brother Su Che—were known as the "Three Sus". After passing the jinshi examination in 1061, Su was appointed notary in Fengxiang, but his official career was marked by a series of political setbacks which included appointments to remote minor posts, including to the then barbarous Hainan Island from the years 1097-1100. From a literary point of view, however, such tribulations served to enrich his writing. Su was a master of all literary forms, including shi poetry, ci poetry, fu and prose essays. 2400 shi poems by Su survive, many of them vivid evocations of the poet's own experiences. Although he wrote only 350 ci poems, these played an important role in enlarging the scope of this genre and made Su famous as the founder of the haofang [heroic abandon] school. English translations of Su's work can be found in Ronld Egan's 1994 study, Word, Image, and Deed in the Life of Su Shi.

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