Tao Fen [real name Zhou Enrun] 1895-1944

Born in Fuzhou, he studied at St John's University in Shanghai. In 1923 he worked as an editor and later opened a bookstore in Shanghai. He travelled in Europe in 1933 and wrote articles about Marxism and the social sciences after returning to China in 1935. He edited and published a lot of patriotic writings during the Anti-Japanese War. In 1937 he left Shanghai following Japanese occupation of the city. In 1942 he returned to Shanghai with the help of the Communist Party. He was posthumously accepted as a member of the Communist Party.

  • Tao Fen manbi (Random Notes by Tao Fen)(1933)

  • Pingzong jiyu (Words of a Wanderer)(1934)

  • Kangzhan Yilai (Since the War of Resistance)(1941)