Wang Jinkang 王晉康 1948-

Born in Nanyang, graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University. Wang is one of the leading figures in the current generation of Chinese science fiction writers. His work is often written in a desolate, melancholy style, full of philosophical speculation; it closely follows recent scientific developments, especially those in biology, and often portrays humans being replaced by more advanced life forms. His best-known works include the novel Shizi 十字 [Cross] (2009), the short story collection Yangfengren 養蜂人 [Beekeeper] (2011), and the award-winning short stories ‘Yadang de huigui’ 亞當的回歸 [The return of Adam] (1995) and ‘Shengming zhi ge’ 生命之歌 [The song of life] (2003). He has won the Chinese Science Fiction Galaxy Awards ten times. His novel Yu wu tongzai 與吾同在 [The creator] (2011) received both a Chinese Nebula Award and Galaxy Award for best novel in 2012.