Wann Ai-Jen 萬愛珍

She was a journalist in Taiwan, writing in Chinese for Sinorama Monthly 光華雜誌 and the China Times 中國時報, a radio announcer (for the China Broadcasting Association), and an editor. She has also published a number of books in Chinese, on Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy, and her lifelong passion with the classic Chinese novel, Honglou meng 紅樓夢 [The Dream of the Red Chamber] has culminated in A Comprehensive Study of the Dream of the Red Chamber, which is to appear in Chinese. Since 1992, she has taught Chinese language, Chinese literature, and Chinese calligraphy at Purdue University. She is now writing a Chinese novel, entitled Double Red: the Burning Red of Sunset, a modern love story inspired by Honglou meng.