Wen Jianliu (Wan Kin Lau) 1944-1976

Born in Guangdong, Wencame to Hong Kong when he was five and graduated from the National Chengchi University in Taiwan in 1964. His early work was influenced by Yu Kwang-chung 余光中. He joined the International Writers' Workshop at Iowa, where he received his M.A. in 1970. His experience of the Anti-war movement and Diaoyu Islands campaign effected a change in his poetic style from Modernist to Realist. He founded the magazine Wenxue yu meishu 文學與美術 [Literature and art] in 1975, but he died of nasopharyngeal cancer a year later, aged thirty-two. His collected writings, Xianggang wencong: Wen Jianliu juan 香港文叢:溫健騮卷 [Hong Kong literary collection: Wen Jianliu] (1987), was published posthumously.