Wu Tianren 吳天任 (Ng Tin Tam) 1916-1992

He was a native of Nanhai, Guangdong province. Wu was known as a poet-historian for his works often kept abreast of current affairs. He founded Zhonghua Yiyuan 中華藝苑 [Chinese salon] in Hong Kong, and had taught in secondary schools and Grantham College of Education. His writings cover a wide range of genres: from poetry, literary history, historiography, biography, chronicles to ancient geography. Titles by him include Lizhuang shigao 荔莊詩稿 [Poems from the Lychee villa] and Shuijing zhu yanjiu huibian 水經注研究彙編 [A compilation of studies on the annotations of Shuijing] and Lixue yanjiu shi 酈學研究史 [A history of studies on Li Daoyuan].