Wu Zhaozhong 吳肇鍾 1896-1967

Style name Baihe Daoren 白鶴道人, Wu was a native of Sanshui, Guangdong province. Wu was a martial arts master specializing in the Baihe style 白鶴派 [White crane sect]. He moved to Hong Kong in 1930, and became the PE panel of Zhonghua Middle School 中華中學. During the Sino-Japanese War he started his own martial arts studio in Macau, and later chaired the Baak-hok Tai-yuk Kooi [White crane athletic club] which he founded after the liberation of Hong Kong. Wu was knowledgeable in Chinese medicine, calligraphy and poetry. His poems are collected in Baihe caotang shici chu ji 白鶴草堂詩詞初集 [First poetry collection of the white crane cottage].