Xia Jia 夏茄 [pen name of Wang Yao 王瑤] 1984-

Born in Xi'an. Xia studied physics at Peking University and later obtained a master’s degree in film at Communication University of China. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in comparative literature and world literature in Peking University. She won the Chinese Science Fiction Galaxy Awards in 2008 with 'Yongxia zhi meng' 永夏之夢 [Dream eternal summer] (2008). Her other well-known short stories include 'Guan yaojing de pingzi' 關妖精的瓶子 [The demon-enslaving flask] (2004), 'Kamen'卡門 [Carmen] (2005) and 'Yeying' 夜鶯 [Nightingale] (2008). Her first short story collection Guan yaojing de pingzi 關妖精的瓶子 has just been published.