Xiao Xi [real name Cheng Wai Pang 鄭威鵬]

A poet and theatre critic, Xiao Xi was born in Hong Kong. He received his M.A. in philosophy at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and is now a Ph.D. candidate in cultural studies at Lingnan University. He started writing creatively in the 1980s. His works have appeared in Damuzhi 大拇指 [Thumb], Jiu fen yi 九分壹 [One ninth] and Su Yeh Literature 素葉文學. He won the Youth Literary Award for poetry in 1994. He was an editorial committee member of Huxi Poetry 呼吸詩刊 and is now an editor of the website inmediahk.net and a member of the poetry society Shi Yan She 詩研社. He has published a volume of poetry, Mao he 貓河 [Cat river] (2006).