Xie Bingying [real name Ming Gang] ?1906-

Born into a strictly traditional family, Xie Bingying graduated from the prestigious First Hunan Normal School for Girls in 1926 and entered the Wuchang Central Political and Military School . As a member of the women's nursing corps, she saw service at the front during which she wrote daily newspaper dispatches. These were later published in book form as Congjun riji [War diaries] and were well received. Xie managed to postpone her arranged marriage for several years in order to pursue her education and writing career. She travelled twice to Japan for study, and was once arrested for her political activities. Xie went to Taiwan in 1948 and emigrated to the United States in 1974. Her Nubing zizhuan [Autobiography of a Chinese girl] has been translated into English.

Works available in English:

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  • Girl Rebel: the autobiography of Hsieh Pingying, with extracts from her New
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