Xin Qi Shi [real name Kan Mo Han 簡慕嫻] 1950-

Born in Hong Kong. Xin Qi Shi works in a local university. Her collected works include the volume of short fiction Qingse de yueya 青色的月牙 [The blue crescent moon] (1986) and the essay collections Mei feng jiajie 每逢佳節 [At festive times] (1985) and Xianbi xixie 閒筆戲寫 [A leisurely take on drama] (1998). Her novel Hong gezi jiupu 紅格子酒舖 [The red chequers pub] (1994), set against the backdrop of the 1989 Peking massacre and local trepidations about Chinese resumption of sovereignty, is one of very few full-length works that attempt to capture the emotions of that tumultuous era.