Xu Deyin fl. late 17th century

A native of Qiantang in Zhejiang province, whose father and husband were of high official rank. Much loved by her father, as a child she was dressed by him as a boy and allowed to show off her learning before his guests, with her father commenting proudly, 'To produce a boy like this would be no mistake!' She had two poetry collections, Lü jing xuan schichao [Poems from Green Flating Gallery], 1705, and Lü jing xuan xuji [More Poems from Green Flating Gallery], 1752, the latter published posthumously. A preface to Xu's first collection was written by the woman poet Lin Yining (1655-c. 1730), a prominent member of the Banana Garden Poetry Club of Qiantang. Xu's poems were also collected in the Xiefang ji and other Qing anthologies.