Xu Su [real name Hus Bin 徐斌, later changed to Hsu Chih Ping 徐直平] 1924-1981

Born in China, Xu Su came to Hong Kong in 1950 where he wrote several popular novels such as Xingxing yueliang taiyang 星星、月亮、太陽 [Star, moon and sun] (1955) and Yingzi Guniang 櫻子姑娘 [Miss Sakurako] (1959) based on his experience in the army during the Anti-Japanese War. Apart from novels, Xu also wrote poems, essays and short stories for teenagers. In the mid-1950s he founded several literary magazines, including Highland Magazine Monthly 海瀾, and Shaonian xunkan 少年旬刊 [Youth thrice-monthly]. In 1966, he became the editor-in-chief of Current Literature 當代文藝, a periodical with considerable influence in promoting Chinese literature among the diasporas in Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Xu taught Chinese literature in Chu Hai College in his later years.