Yang Jiang (Yang Chiang) [real name Yang Jikang] 1911-2016

Contemporary writer, scholar and translator. Yang studied foreign literature at Qinghua University before going to England and France for further study. Along with her husband Qian Zhongshu, she established her reputation as a writer from an early age. She has translated Gil Blas from the French and Don Quixote from the Spanish, and has also published short stories, plays, prose and the novel Xizao [Bathing]. She is a fellow at the Institute of Foreign Languages of China's Academy of Social Sciences.

Works available in English:

  • A Cadre School Life: Six Chapters (Geremie Barmé with the assistance of
       Bennett Lee). Hong Kong: Joint Publishing Co.; New York: Readers
       International, 1982.
  • Six Chapters from My Life "Downunder" (Howard Goldblatt). Hong Kong:
       Renditions Book, 1983.
  • Six Chapters of Life in a Cadre School: Memoirs from China's Cultural
    (Djang Chu). Boulder: Westview Press, 1986.