Yang Mu [real name Wang Ching Hsientm] 1940-

Also known to his early readers as Ye Shan , was born in Hualien, Taiwan. One of the leading figures on the literary scene in contemporary Taiwan, Yang Mu is a prolific and highly respected essayist, poet, editor, and literary critic. He is also Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature at the University of Washington, Seattle, and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Chinese Literature at Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan.

Works available in English:

  • No trace of the Gardener: Poems of Yang Mu (Lawrence R. Smith & Michelle Yeh),
      New Haven, Ct. Yale University Press, 1998.
  • The Forbidden Game and Video Poems: The Poetry of Yang Mu and Lo Ch'ing. (Joseph
       R. Allen). Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1993.