Yin Jiang [real name Lau Yee Ching 劉以正] 1949-

Born in Hong Kong, Yin Jiang started writing poetry in 1970. His work has been published in literary journals including Companion 伴侶, Pan Ku Magazine 盤古 and Huxi Poetry 呼吸詩刊. In 1986, he co-founded and co-edited the poetry journal Jiu fen yi 九分壹 [One ninth]. His poetry won a Youth Literary Award in 1983 and Awards for Creative Writing in Chinese in 1998 and 1990. His poetry collection Yushi ni yan jie kan jieri de dengshi 於是你沿街看節日的燈飾 [And so you look at the festival lights along the street] (1997) was the winner of the Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature (Poetry) in 1998.