Zang Kejia 1905-

Modern poet. Born in Zhucheng county, Shandong province, Zang Kejia spent eighteen years in a small village. In 1929, he went to Qingdao University, and under the guidance of Wen Yiduo began publishing poetry. His first collection, Laoyin [Brand] appeared in 1933. Other collections followed soon after. With the outbreak of the Anti-japanese War, Zang did cultural propaganda work for the army, and collections of his dispatches and reportage were published as well as volumes of army poetry. After the war, he was involved in editorial activities and published his first collection of short stories and prose. With the founding of the People's Republic, he occupied several important positions, including that of chief editor of Poetry magazine. His works include Gu she de huaduo [Flowers of the ancient tree] Xiang zuguo [For the fatherland] Shengming de qiutian [Life's autumn].