Zhang Yigong (pen name of Zhang Yigong 張弓) 1935-

The son of a professor of Chinese literature at Henan University, Zhang and his family moved around Henan and neighbouring provinces as the university relocated during the Anti-Japanese War (1937–1945). Zhang worked in Zhengzhou as a journalist in the 1950s. Though he was criticized for a short story he had published in a local journal in 1959, he was able to continue work as a journalist until the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, when he was struggled against and placed in detention. He was not fully rehabilitated until 1978, when he resumed his fiction writing with 'Fanren Li Tongzhong de gushi' 犯人李銅鐘的故事 (The story of the criminal Li Tongzhong), his best-known work. His autobiographical novel Yuanqu de yizhan 遠去的驛站 (Staging-post on a long journey) was published in 2002.