Zhong Lihe 鍾理和 1915-1960

Zhong pioneered the rural literature of Taiwan. He was born to affluence in the Pingdong area into a Hakka family under the Japanese colonization. Zhong first received Japanese education, and later acquired Chinese in a private school. He went on to lead a dramatic life as an exile to mainland China with his wife due to a marriage unapproved by his clan, and only returned to their native land in 1946 after the Anti-Japanese War (1937–1945). Zhong's debilitated health however forbade him to take on any demanding occupation. His works are said to have embodied the life of the author himself, and witnessed how he survived all the trials and tribulations with a strong will. His most prominent works were published posthumously, which include Lishan nongchang 笠山農場 [Farm of the Bamhoo Hat Hill] (1961), Guxiang 故鄉 [Homeland] (1976) and Yuanxiang ren 原鄉人 [Native men] (1976).