Zhong Weimin (Chung Wai Man) 1961-

Born in Hong Kong, Zhong is a graduate of Lingnan University. He was the deputy editor-in-chief of the supplements of Ming Pao 明報 and Apple Daily 蘋果日報. He began to publish at the age of seventeen and established his name as a poet by winning Youth Literary Awards for three consecutive years from 1979. His works include the poetry collection Bujing zhi lü 捕鯨之旅 [Whale hunt] (1983) and the novels Shuqingdiao de zhongzhi 抒情調的終止 [Fine del aria] (1994) and Xue lang hu 雪狼湖 [Snow Wolf Lake] (1998). He has been living in Macau since 2002 and is now a columnist for Apple Daily 蘋果日報.