Zhong Xiaoyang (Sharon Hiu Ieong Chung) 1963-

Zhong was born in Guangzhou and grew up in Hong Kong. At eighteen she published her first novel Tingche zan jiewen 停車暫借問 [Pull up and enquire] (1981) which gained her instant fame in Hong Kong and Taiwan and invited comparison with the early works of Eileen Chang 張愛玲. Her other works include the collection of essays and poems Xishuo 細說 [The fine points] (1983), the short story collection Ranshao zhi hou 燃燒之後 [After the burning] (1992) and the novel Yihen chuanqi 遺恨傳奇 [The legend of regret] (1996). Chung emigrated to Australia in the early 1990s but has subsequently returned to Hong Kong.