Li Tuo 李陀 [real name Meng Keqin 孟克勤] 1939-

He is a noted author, critic, and screenwriter, began publishing his work in 1975. His works have won major awards, including the first National Short Story Award (1978) for 'I Hope You Hear This Song' 願你聽到這支歌 and the Ministry of Culture Best Film Awards for Li Siguang 李四光 (1979) and Sha Ou 沙鷗 (1981) which he co-wrote. Since 1982, Li Tuo has stopped writing fiction and turned to literary and film criticism. In recent years he has split his time between Beijing and New York and is currently Visiting Fellow at the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Columbia University.

Zhang Nuanxin 張暖忻 1940-1995

She graduated from the directing department of the Beijing Film Academy, where she became a lecturer. Zhang was a key figure among Fourth Generation film directors. Her best-known works include Sha Ou (1981), Qingchun ji 青春祭 (Sacrificed youth; 1985), and Beijing ni zao 北京你早 (Good morning Beijing; 1990).