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Earth and Environmental Sciences Programme
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About Us

Students who graduate with the EESC degree will be well qualified for postgraduate work in any of the sub-disciplines in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, or in one of the many Earth System Science programmes that are emerging at institutions worldwide. The interdisciplinary nature of the EESC major makes it an excellent preparation for employment in one of many environmental, climate, energy and geotechnical careers in both the private and government sectors. Graduates may embark on careers in education, research (e.g., climate modeling, weather forecasting, remote sensing, environmental protection, urban development), natural hazard reduction and risk management (e.g., at NGOs, government agencies, insurance companies), weather services, environmental consulting, and careers that require the skills of data mining, IT and GIS applications. Most importantly, the programme delivers the knowledge, skills, and values that are essential for an educated and responsible citizenry.