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Teaching Staff
photo of Professor CHAN Man Nin
Prof. CHAN Man Nin
Associate Professor
Tel. 3943 9863
Email mnchan [at] cuhk.edu.hk
image of Prof. CHOW Tat Shing Alex
Prof. CHOW Tat Shing Alex
EESC Programme Director
Tel. 3943 5433
Email achow [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of Dr. LI Kwan Kit Ronald
Dr. LI Kwan Kit Ronald
Assistant Lecturer
Tel. 3943 9324
Email kkrli [at] cuhk.edu.hk

photo of Professor LIU Lin
Prof. LIU Lin
Associate Professor
Tel. 3943 9862
Email liulin [at] cuhk.edu.hk
photo of Professor TAI Pui Kuen Amos
Prof. TAI Pui Kuen Amos
ESSC Programme Director
Tel. 3943 9687
Email amostai [at] cuhk.edu.hk
photo of Professor TAM Chai Yung Francis
Prof. TAM Chi Yung Francis
Associate Professor
Tel. 3943 9828
Email Francis.Tam [at] cuhk.edu.hk
photo of Dr. TAM Pui Yuk Tammy
Dr. TAM Pui Yuk Tammy
Senior Lecturer
Tel. 3943 3795
Email tampuiyuk [at] cuhk.edu.hk
photo of Professor TAN Yen Joe
Prof. TAN Yen Joe
Assistant Professor
Tel. 3943 0463
Email yjtan [at] cuhk.edu.hk
photo of Professor YANG Hong Feng
Prof. YANG Hongfeng
Associate Professor
Tel. 3943 9824
Email hyang [at] cuhk.edu.hk
Prof. ZHAI Shixian
Assistant Professor
Tel.  3943 3793
Email  shixianzhai [at] cuhk.edu.hk
Prof. ZHAN Yan
Ng Yin Ying Assistant Professor of Geophysics
Tel.  3943 9327
Email  yanzhan [at] cuhk.edu.hk
photo of Dr. ZHANG Li
Assistant Lecturer
Tel. 3943 5495
Email EESClizhang [at] cuhk.edu.hk
Joint Appointment Teaching Staff
photo of Professor LUO Haiwei
Prof. LUO Haiwei
Associate Professor
Tel. 3943 6121
Email  haiweiluo [at] cuhk.edu.hk
photo of THIBODEAU Benoit
Prof. THIBODEAU Benoit
Assistant Professor
Tel. 3943 6390
Email benoit.thibodeau [at] cuhk.edu.hk
photo of Professor TSUI Tsz Ki Martin
Prof. TSUI Tsz Ki Martin
Associate Professor
Tel. 3943 6123
Email mtktsui [at] cuhk.edu.hk
Research and Teaching-Support Staff
image of CHAN Mei Yu Dara
Miss CHAN Mei Yu Dara
Junior Research Assistant
Email mydarachan [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of Miss CHAN Sheung Ki
Miss CHAN Sheung Ki
Junior Research Assistant
Email sheungkichan [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of Mr. FAN Chengyan
Mr. FAN Chengyan
Junior Research Assistant
Email chengyanfan [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of Dr. HU Yan
Dr. HU Yan
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email yanhu [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of Dr. HU Chenxi
Dr. HU Chenxi
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email chenxihu [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of Dr. ISMAEEL Ali
image of >Dr. LUO Lina
Dr. LUO Lina
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email linaluo [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of >Dr. XIE Jingchun
image of >Dr. XU Xingyu
Dr. XU Xingyu
Jounior Research Assistant
Email xingyuxu [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of >Dr. YANG Yuyun
Dr. YANG Yuyun
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email yuyunyang [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of >Dr. YAO Suli
Dr. YAO Suli
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email suliyao [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of >Miss YU Zheng
Miss YU Zheng
Research Assistant
Email zhengyu [at] cuhk.edu.hk

image of Dr. ZHANG Jiewen
Dr. ZHANG Jiewen
Postdoctoral Fellow
Email jwzhang [at] cuhk.edu.hk

Supporting Staff
Ms. CHEUK Wing Yu Sally
Executive Officer
Tel. 3943 3794
Email sallycheuk [at] cuhk.edu.hk
Ms. LAU Hei Tung Joanne
Project Coordinator
Tel. 3943 9624
Email joannehtlau [at] cuhk.edu.hk

Ms. CHAN Pui Fun Joyce
General Clerk
Tel. 3943 5494
Email chanjoyce [at] cuhk.edu.hk
Mr. CHOI Kwun Chung Eric
Tel. 3943 9853
Email ericchoi [at] cuhk.edu.hk

Ms. LEUNG Hoi Yi Jiffy
General Clerk
Tel. 3943 9323
Email jiffyleung [at] cuhk.edu.hk
Ms. LI Ka Wai Nico
Tel. 3943 5303
Email nicoli [at] cuhk.edu.hk