CUHK Registration Procedures
for JUPAS Applicants
with a Main Round Offer

(2020 Entry)

New students are required to complete the student registration procedures and should attend necessary activities on the dates specified below.


Indication of College Affiliation Preference  (13 – 15 August 2020)

Submission Period:

From 9:00am on 13 August (Thursday) to 5:00pm on 15 August 2020 (Saturday)

Every student who is admitted to CUHK will be affiliated to one of the Colleges. JUPAS applicants who have accepted an offer of admission to a full-time undergraduate programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong for the academic year 2020-21 are requested to complete the online form by 5:00pm on 15 August 2020 (Saturday) at Students should consult the websites of the Colleges before completing this form.

CUHK is the only university in Hong Kong with a collegiate system. Colleges are congenial communities with their own hostels, dining halls and other facilities. They are where students receive pastoral care and whole-person education, and are offered exciting palettes with which to colour their university life, including overseas exchange programmes, seminars, mentorship and community service programmes, and personal enhancement training.

CUHK has nine colleges. For information about the Colleges, please visit the following websites:

College Allocation for Programmes/ Streams   (
Chung Chi College   (
CW Chu College*   (
Lee Woo Sing College   (
Morningside College*  (
New Asia College  (
S.H. Ho College*  (
Shaw College  (
United College  (
Wu Yee Sun College  (

* There are three full residence Colleges, namely CW Chu College, Morningside College and S.H. Ho College. These three Colleges adopt a fully residential and communal dining system.

Kindly note that although students will be assigned college affiliation based on their preferences as far as possible, they may not be assigned to their most preferred college, as there is limited quota for each college. Applicants who fail to submit the form with complete information by the stipulated deadline will be assigned college affiliation at the discretion of the University.

Note: You will receive an acknowledgment email when you have successfully submitted your college preference for the first time; and when you have successfully submitted subsequent changes.


New Student Orientation Platform

New students are encouraged to visit the CUHK Orientation for New Students website at for receiving necessary information and completing essential procedures.


Academic Counselling

  1. It is important that new students should have thorough understanding on the academic curriculum of the University, academic honesty and other important information pertaining to their studies at the University. Such information will be posted as video links under "Information for New Students" on the homepage of the Registration and Examinations Section (RES) of the Registry ( in early August 2020. Students are strongly encouraged to visit these weblinks to have better understanding of these information.

  2. Individual Faculties/Major Programmes will hold their "Academic Counselling Session" prior to course registration for their major students, either on an online platform or with other alternative arrangement. Students MUST observe detailed information and schedules on RES homepage ( in early August 2020.


On-line Student Registration (17 - 19 August 2020)

All new students should observe and comply with the following procedures for student registration.

i. Composition/ Acceptance Fees Payment

JUPAS Applicants with Main Round offers are required to make payment for the composition/ acceptance fees on or before the specified deadline (please refer to the JUPAS website for detailed procedure: Please retain the original copy of the payment receipt/ reference number for proof of payment whenever necessary.

ii. Verification Code (V-code) for Obtaining the Computing Accounts Information (CAI)

Students who have settled the composition/ acceptance fees should receive the V-code (see by email and/ or local SMS* from 17 August 2020. They should logon the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) Student Computing Accounts Collection System (SCACS) immediately at with this V-code to get their personal Computing Accounts Information (CAI), including the Student ID and OnePass password. Students will not receive the V-code if they do not settle the payment on or before the payment due date.

* SMS will be sent to HK local mobile number only.

iii. Complete Online Student Registration Procedures

Registration Period:

From 2:00pm on 17 August (Monday) to 5:00pm on 19 August 2020 (Wednesday).

Registration Procedures:

  1. Students must read the detailed steps and procedures for completing online registration at the following weblinks:

    Computer-based Training for Online Registration:

    Detailed User Guide for Online Registration:

  2. Students should logon MyCUHK ( using campus e-mail account ( and OnePass password. Select "CUSIS" then click on "New Student Registration".

  3. Input and upload the required information/documents according to the instructions. Please use "view" function to check and make sure the images of the uploaded documents are clear. Uploading incorrect or blurred documents may render your registration unsuccessful.

  4. Students under 18 years old at the time of registration should read the "Essential Information for Students Under 18"; and submit the "Consent Form" (

  5. Students should read the Declaration of Academic Honesty for Undergraduate Studies under the tab "Academic Honesty" and the Important Information under the tab "Declaration", and check the boxes under the tabs to indicate agreement to the declarations. After completion of all necessary inputs and other steps, students MUST click "Submit" on the last declaration page, then a message "You have completed the student registration" will be shown to indicate that the online registration process has been completed. Students will also receive an e-mail notification under their campus e-mail account of CUHK (@Link Email) if they have completed the new student registration procedures.
Important note:

  1. All new students MUST complete the above registration procedures by 5:00pm on 19 August 2020 (Wednesday). Late registration will NOT be accepted except with prior approval from the Registration and Examinations Section. Any students who have not successfully completed the entire registration procedures by the deadline may NOT be able to join the on-line course registration under CUSIS on 1 September 2020 (Tuesday).

  2. Students MUST read the University Regulations prior to student registration ( Please take special note of clause 1.2 of the General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies, which stipulates, "A student shall not be registered simultaneously* for another course of study or research leading to the award of a degree, diploma or certificate at this University or any other tertiary institution except by prior permission of the Board of the Faculty to which s/he belongs. A student in breach of this regulation shall be required to discontinue studies at the University."

    * Students' registration information can also be used for the purpose of checking of concurrent registration among local institutions, if deemed necessary.

  3. Students' admission qualifications and results submitted/ transferred through systems will be kept by the University as part of the student records.

  4. For data collected from or generated by students during their studies at the University, if deemed necessary, they will be kept as permanent records by the University. Upon graduation, students' personal data will be converted to alumni data for further communication and other purposes, where applicable.


First-year Student Survey (17 - 19 August 2020)

New students are required to complete the Entry Class Questionnaire at after the online registration process so as to take part in the First-year Student Survey.

Support Services for Students with Disabilities

The University provides support services and facilities to students with disabilities. For more information, please visit or contact the following units:

Unit Contact Tel./ Email
Office of Student Affairs
(Student Disability Support Services)
3943 5441 /
Transport Office
(On-campus Rehabus Reservation)
3943 7992 /
Office of Admissions and Financial Aid 3943 8947
Registration and Examinations Section 3943 9888


For enquiries, please contact 3943 8947.

Office of Admissions and Financial Aid
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