One-Day Symposium

Date: July 19 (Wed)
Time: 09:15 am – 13:15 pm, 14:30 pm – 18:15 pm
Yasumoto International Academic Park Theatre 1 (YIA LT1), CUHK, Hong Kong SAR.
香港中文大學 康本國際學術園一號演講廳

Technical Lectures

Date: July 18 (Tue) and July 20 (Thur)
Time: 09:30 am – 13:15 pm
Theatre, 1/F, Chan Chun Ha Hall, S. H. Ho College, CUHK, Hong Kong SAR.
香港中文大學善衡書院 陳震夏館一樓劇場

Laboratory Sessions

Date: July 17-18 (Mon-Tue), July 20-21 (Thur-Fri)
Time: July 17, 21 (09:30 am – 13:15 pm)
July 17-18, 20 (14:30 pm – 18:15 pm)
Cell and Molecular Biology Programme Laboratory (CMB Lab), Room 127, 1/F, Science Centre North Block, CUHK, Hong Kong SAR.
香港中文大學 科學館北座1樓127室 細胞及分子生物學課程實驗室

Centre for Cell and Developmental Biology Confocal Laboratory (CCDB Confocal Lab) &
Areas of Excellence TEM Laboratory (AoE TEM Lab),
Run Run Shaw Science Building, CUHK, Hong Kong SAR.
香港中文大學 逸夫科學大樓 細胞及發育生物學研究中心實驗室 及 細胞器生物合成及功能研究中心實驗室