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Placement for Evening Programmes Putonghua Students

(non-native Chinese speakers)



1.       Pick a course level with reference to the studied hours summary.


2.       Fill in the language background section in the application form. Write clearly your study history related to Chinese language (Putonghua or Cantonese) whether local or abroad. The course coordinator(s) will determine whether the course you applied for is suitable for you. In some occasions, intermediate or advanced level courses are not available in the evening. Students will then be encouraged to join the day time regular programmes in which more levels are offered.


3.       For absolute beginners or are applying for the lowest level module, they are not required to go through the placement process.

4.       For non beginners, or who are not sure about their level of proficiency, they are welcome to visit CLC’s Shatin office or Tsim Sha Tsui Learning Centre to browse over the textbooks and decide whether you are suitable to a certain level of courses. For reservation, please call the general office during the office hour at 3943 6727.

5.      Reading and writing placement, speaking assessment is offered. Click here for instruction.

6.       If assessed students could not be admitted finally, as long as the withdrawal decision is made before the deadline of application, there will be tuition fee refund. Application fee, in any case, is non refundable.


7.       There will be no refund and placement after the application deadline and placement day.

8.       It is not common for a non-native Chinese speaker, even with advanced level Chinese, to study the courses for native Chinese speakers, due to pedagogy and difference in student needs. For students who wish to consider this option, please study, sign on and act according to this declaration first.


FAQ session


Who need a placement test? 
Non-native Chinese speaking students who (1) are not beginner of Chinese language or (2) intend to enroll a course other than level 1 are highly encouraged to take the placement test prior to arrival and registration in Hong Kong. Your cooperation will facilitate class planning and place students to an appropriate level in advance as much as possible.

What is covered in the placement test?
Both written and oral placements are needed. The written placement includes tasks like translation, reading comprehension and vocabulary recognition. In the oral placement, you are required to answer a few questions.


1. Please submit your course application form first. Placement will not be given to one which has not completed the application procedure.

2.Choose the written placement version and format according to your choice and click the link for downloading.

3.Click the appropriate link for oral placement.

4.Submit the saved file for No. 2 to 3 to doriswong@cuhk.edu.hk. We will inform you of the level and/ or class once the placement result is ready.

5.If you do not have the device for computer oral placement, you can use similar devices like MP3 and smart-phone recorder to record your speech performance. Other procedures remain the same. If there is not any voice recording device, Putonghua students please at least send in the written placement.


Study hours related to the course assignation

Target students
  Study hours completed before  No. of vocabulary known
初一 Elementary I 0-40 0-150
初二 Elementary II 40-80 150-300
初高一 Upper Elementary I 80-120 300-450
初高二 Upper Elementary II 120-160 450-600
中一 Intermediate Putonghua I 160-200 600-750
中二 Intermediate Putonghua II 200-240 750-900
中高一 Upper Intermediate I 240-280 900-1050
中高二 Upper Intermediate II 280-320 1050-1200
高一 Advanced I
(PTH4443) : Communication Skills on Business Topics I
At least 320 hours At least 1500 words
高二 Advanced I (PTH4413) : New Media & Presentation Skills (1)    
高三 Advanced III (PTH4423): Speech Preparation & Presentation Skills I    


Written Test
Simplified Version
Traditional Version
Oral Test Chinese




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