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The First Academic Seminar on Chinese as a Second LanguagePutonghuaEducation Under the New Curriculum at Universities in Hong Kong (2012/CUHK)

Theme: Where are we going in Putonghua Education for university students in Hong Kong?
Organizer: Yale-China Chinese Language Center (CLC), CUHK
Co-organizer: Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages, CUHK, Department of Chinese Language and Literature, CUHK
Date and Time: Friday, March 30, 2012. (9:15 a.m. to 6:15p.m.)
Place: Cho Yiu Hall, University Administration Building, CUHK (Location map)
Targets: University language centre senior administrators, Putonghua teachers, field scholars and postgraduate students.
Acknowledgement: Chinese Language and Culture (HK) Foundation

General Information: Universities in Hong Kong will enter a new era when the 4-year curriculum starts in 2012. As part of the whole-person education approach under the new curriculum, various issues related to language proficiency for all students will need to be explored and clarified. As the first academic seminar of its kind, the focus for this event will be on four major issues in teaching Chinese as a Second Language (CSL) for university students, with special reference to Putonghua. Key players in the field from local universities as well as those in universities elsewhere will be invited to share their views on various issues related to CSL teaching from their perspectives. The organizer and co-organizers envision that, by providing such a platform for academic discussion, CUHK as an institute of high learning will contribute to the promotion of Chinese language and culture among students and practitioners in Hong Kong.

Format and Participants: This is a one-day seminar, mainly participated by professionals, teachers and graudate students involved in CSL teaching and learning. Each of the 4 keynote speakers will have a presentation on one key area in CSL, including assessment, curriculum design, teaching materials and teacher training. Representatives from local and regional institutions will be grouped into 3 sessions and given time to share their ideas and practices, with follow-up Q&A and comments. A round-table discussion by invited guests focusing on trends and directions is scheduled at the end of the seminar. 

How to join? Individual participants please download and complete the registration form and return with the registration fee cheque to CLC general office. For group registration, please conrtact Ms.Angela HO. More instructions are indicated in the registration form.

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Seminar Rundown


Opening Speech
By Prof. LEUNG Yuen Sang, Dean, Faculty of Arts, CUHK香港中文大學文學院院長  梁元生教授

Briefing on Seminar
By Dr. WU Weiping, Director of Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, CUHK香港中文大學雅禮中國語文研習所所長  吳偉平博士

Presentation of Souvenir to Speakers
By LEUNG Yuen Sang, Dean, Faculty of Arts, CUHK香港中文大學文學院院長  梁元生教授

0930-1015       Session 1       Abstract摘要
host: Prof. HSIN Shih-chang, National Taiwan Normal University第一部份主持人:國立臺灣師範大學信世昌博士
Keynote Speech with Q & A專題發言及答問:
Dr. WU Weiping, Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學吳偉平博士
Speaking proficiency assessment: theories and practices, ideals and reality口語能力測試:理論與實踐、理想與現實

1015-1100       Sharing Session by Institutions and Discussion院校分享與討論:
Dr. SI Chung Mou, The University of Hong Kong香港大學施仲謀博士
Ms. MOK Wa, The University of Science and Technology香港科技大學莫華老師
Ms. CHU Hsiaomi, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (International Students) 香港中文大學朱小密老師(國際學生)
Ms. XIE Chunling, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Local students)香港中文大學謝春玲老師(本地學生)

1100-1130       Photo and Tea Break 合照及茶點時間

1130-1215       Session 2       Abstract摘要
Host: Prof. XU Jie, University of Macau第二部份主持人:澳門大學社會科學及人文學院徐傑教授
Keynote Speech with Q & A專題發言及答問:
Prof. FENG Shengli, The Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學馮勝利教授
Register identification and textbook compiling語體鑒別與教材編寫

1215-1300       Sharing Session by Institution and Discussion院校分享與討論:
Prof. CHAN Shui Duen, The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong香港理工大學陳瑞端教授
Dr. LI Dong Hui, Lingnan University香港嶺南大學李東輝博士
Ms. LEUNG Man Fong, Hong Kong Baptist University香港浸會大學梁文芳老師
Dr. YANG Ruo Wei, The Open University of Hong Kong 香港公開大學楊若薇博士

1300-1400       Lunch Time 午飯時間

1400-1445       Session 3      
Host: Prof. CHIN Kwee Nyet, National University of Singapore第三部份主持人: 新加坡國立大學文學暨社會科學院語言中心陳桂月教授
Keynote Speech with Q & A專題發言及答問:
Prof. ZHOU Xiaobing, Zhongshan University廣州中山大學周小兵教授
Putonghua teaching and teaching materials in Hong Kong: practices, problems and Prospect現狀、問題與前瞻 香港普通話教學與教材

1445-1515       Sharing Session by Institution and Discussion院校分享與討論
Ms. HUI Yiu Wai and Ms. LO Hau Yee, Hong Kong Vocational Training Council香港職訓局許曉慧老師及盧巧儀老師
Dr. CHEUNG Lin Hong, Hong Kong Institute of Education香港教育學院張連航博士
Prof. WONG Pui Kwong, The City University of Hong Kong香港城市大學王培光教授

1515-1600       Session 4       Abstract摘要      
Virginia, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Keynote Speech with Q & A專題發言及答問:
Prof. LIU Lening, Columbia University, USA美國哥倫比亞大學劉樂寧教授
The selection and training of instructors of teaching CSL: a case study of the TCSOLProgram at Columbia University漢語作為二語教師的選拔與培訓:哥倫比亞大學漢語師資項目簡介

1600-1630       Mini Break休息時間  

1630-1800   Round Table Discussion: Where are we going? 圓桌討論何去何從?
Host: Prof. FENG Shengli, Chinese University of Hong Kong 主持人:    香港中文大學中國語言及文學系馮勝利教授
Dr. HSIN Shih-chang, National Taiwan Normal University 國立臺灣師範大學信世昌博士
Prof. XU Jie, University of Macau澳門大學徐傑教授
Prof. CHIN Kwee Nyet, National University of Singapore新加坡國立大學陳桂月教授
Prof. CHU Chengzhi, University of California, Davis美國戴維斯加州大學儲誠志教授
Prof. HE Yuanjian, The Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學何元建教授
Ms. QIU Xiaoyan, Hong Kong Vocational Training Council香港職訓局邱小燕副教授
Dr. WANG Xiaoping, English Foundation School香港英基學校協會王小平博士
Prof. YIP Virginia, The Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學葉彩燕教授
Prof. ZHANG Yanhui,The Chinese University of Hong Kong香港中文大學張燕輝教授
Other speakers其他發言嘉賓

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