Salute to Professor Kao

Professor Lawrence J. Lau, Vice-Chancellor, CUHK

'No words can describe how happy I am for Professor Kao. I’m sure that all of Hong Kong, China or even all the Chinese in the world will rejoice in this glory.'




Professor Ambrose King, former Vice-Chancellor, CUHK

'Professor Kao's discovery in fibre optics reminds me of the three scientific discoveries made by the Chinese: printing, gunpowder and the compass. Fibre optics is the fourth.’ In the eyes of Professor King, Professor Kao is a kind but serious gentleman-scholar. During his years as Vice-Chancellor, Professor Kao relentlessly pursued excellence in developing CUHK as the world’s local university. The pursuit of excellence has since become the raison d’être of CUHK.




Professor C.N. Yang, Nobel Laureate in Physics 1957, Distinguished Professor-at-Large, CUHK

Professor C.N. Yang pointed out that the Nobel Prize used to favour fundamental over applied research until recent years when those who work in applied sciences are beginning to be recognized. He was confident of the scientific research being carried out in China: 'Within 20 years, we will witness Nobel-calibre research from China itself.'




Sir James Mirrlees, Nobel Laureate in Economics 1996, Distinguished Professor-at-Large, and Master, Morningside College, CUHK

'The Nobel Prize so well earned by Charles must tell him how highly the world values his achievements. His work combined vision, originality, and exact reasoning: it should be a model and inspiration for us all. And he is such a delightful person too. It is a real pleasure to join the chorus of congratulation.'




Professor Andrew C.C. Yao, Turing Award Winner, Distinguished Professor-at-Large, CUHK

'His work has the makings of great scientific discoveries: world-changing and requiring extraordinary capabilities.'



Professor Kenneth Young, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, CUHK

'Young people should not give up on scientific research. Professor Kao's career has shown that research is often very rewarding. The development of research at CUHK and in Hong Kong was a topic close to his heart. During discussions in Hong Kong on where to locate the Science Park, he said to me, "You'd better make sure they put the Science Park here (next to CUHK). Otherwise don't bother to come back."'




Professor Ching Pak-chung, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, CUHK

'Years ago, when Hong Kong was talking about developing into an information hub, the response was less than encouraging. But Professor Kao was all for it, and he turned the Chinese University into a local Internet hub—not for CUHK's sake, but for the people of Hong Kong!' (Note: At present, 80 percent of Internet traffic in Hong Kong goes through the CUHK campus. Emails can be transmitted locally via the Internet, without having to go overseas.)




Professor Peter Yum Tak-shing, Dean, Faculty of Engineering

'Professor Kao predicted 20 years ago that network communications will become an essential and widespread medium of communication. In private, he is a sincere and charming man, and an innovative and inspiring scholar.'




The Hon. Cheung Man-kwong, CUHK alumnus

'The most important thing is to inherit Professor Kao's passion for scientific research. I am confident that others at CUHK will follow in his footsteps and attain similar heights in research!'