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Biography of Ambassador Alaudeen A. Alaskary

Ambassador Alaudeen A. Alaskary was born on December 20th, 1945. He graduated from the University of St. Louis, Missouri with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1970, subsequently he finished his MS in Electrical Engineering in the same University in 1971.

He has taken up a number of positions during his work in the Ministry of Information and has been promoted to various positions. He started as a maintenance engineer, working in Riyadh TV Station on hand maintenance for around one year; then he became a supervisor of the Saudi Arabian TV System. Later he was promoted to the post of Director General of Technical Affairs for the Saudi TV. His responsibilities included running and developing projects and the manpower of the Saudi TV. During that period, Saudi TV developed from having 5 TV stations to almost 90 TV TRX sites as well as 10 production centres including Riyadh TV Centre.

During that period he also held a number of international posts such as:
- Vice-Chairman of the Engineering Committee for the Arab Organization of Broadcasting for two years
- Chairman of the same committee for two years
- Technical Advisor for Gulf Vision for the Gulf states where a study was made for the propagation of VHF, UHF signals in the region
- Technical Advisor for Arabsat Organization for two years, dealing with technical as well as administrative matters.

Later he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Director of Technical Affairs for Communication. His responsibilities included the development, maintenance, and operation of the communication network and computer network of the Ministry.

He has also assumed other roles and responsibilities such as Technical Advisor to the Minister of Information for TV Affairs (1997-99), and he also wrote a book about satellite reception for TV in 1994.

He has been appointed as the Consul General of Saudi Arabia in Hong Kong since February 2003.