The Chinese University Student Information System (CUSIS) and the MyCUHK successfully went live on 5 July 2010., and Release 2 was successfully implemented on 22 October 2010 subsequently. Please login MyCUHK to access CUSIS services

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CUSIS Project

The notes and video recording of CUSIS Upgrade Briefing Session had been uploaded to here.

Jan 2020
The CUSIS upgrade project have been kicked off in early 2019. Currently System Integration Test (SIT) is in progress and the project team is working closely to test the functionalities of upgraded version of CUSIS/MyCUHK according to the confirmed requirements and designs. In addition, the project team had worked out the initial plan of go-live arrangement. The tentative go-live date of the upgraded version of CUSIS/MyCUHK is on 26 Feb 2020 (updated).

Oct 2019
The University is planning to upgrade CUSIS from its current version to the most up-to-date one. It is expected that the upgrade will provide not just improved functionalities, but also enhancement of some of the existing services as deemed necessary by the users. Feb 2018