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Poster StationTitleName of PresentersPhoto
p1 Class Responding Applications for Undergraduate Laboratory Courses Dr Kendrew Kin Wah MAK
Dr Wing Fat CHAN
p2 Global Curriculum Inquiry in Teacher Education through Online Discussion Dr Sally Wai Yan WAN
Leo Lik Chun WONG
Jacky Chun WONG
Kelvin Shing Pan CHONG
David Chong Kwai YEUNG
p3 A Case Study of Applying Interdisciplinarity in Teaching Urban Studies Program Prof. Chung Yim YIU
Prof. Hendrik TIEBEN
Prof. Kuei Hsien LIAO
p4 LearningVillages: Equipping Education Students with Pedagogical Knowledge and Skills in Facilitating Online Gamebased Collaborative Inquiry Learning Prof. Morris S.Y. JONG
Eric LUK
Silu LI
p5 Development of a Mobile Aid to Enhance Understanding of Core Texts Dr Kam Moon PANG
Dr Derek Hang Cheong CHEUNG
Dr Sandy Wan Heng HOI
Dr Andy Ka Leung NG
Dr Wing Hung WONG
p6 Language and Cultural Exchange: Peer Learning and Reflective Writing Elsie CHRISTOPHER
p7 A Student Comparison Study of Mobile Learning in Higher Education of Hong Kong Louis LAM
p8 Development of a Flash Animation Programme for English Vowel Prof. Jette HANSEN EDWARDS
p9 Promoting Learner Autonomy through Chinese: Online Learning Platform for University Chinese Grammar in Use Dr Felix Lip Yan CHAO
Dr Vivan Yin Ha CHAN
Dr Benson Wing Kin LEE
Dr Pit Shun LAI
p10 How to Flip Your Class with Blackboard? Dr Jacqueline Wai Ting WONG
p11 Multidisciplinary eLearning Platform for Medication Safety (MELODY) Prof. Vivian Wing Yan LEE
p12 ModRule: An Architectural Design Learning Platform Prof. Marc Aurel SCHNABEL
Sky Tian Tian LO
p13 Enhancing Communication with Older Adults with Hearing Impairment Prof. Janita Pak Chun CHAU
Suzanne Hoi Shan LO
Prof. Vivian Wing Yan LEE
Prof. Diana Tze Fan LEE
p14 Smart Phonebased Experience Learning of Botanic Courses and Laboratory Classes Dr David Tai Wai LAU
Dr Cheung Ming CHOW
Tin Hang WONG
p15 Formative Assessment with Attributebased Performance Analysis for Undergraduate Orthopaedic Training Dr Tsz Ping LAM
Dr Kevin Ki Wai HO
Dr Bobby NG
Dr Benlong SHI
Patrick TSANG
p16 Learning through eObservation Videos and Interactive Questions on Common Concepts and Techniques for Effective Learning of Biochemistry Prof. PangChui SHAW
Prof. SiuKai KONG
Kenneth Chi Fai LEUNG
Queenie Pui Yin LAU
p17 Interactive eLearning Courseware for Obstetric Nursing Prof. Wan Yim IP
Prof. Carmen Y.W.H. CHAN
Prof. Aileen W.K. CHAN
Dr Ka Ming CHOW
p18 Internationalisation: Its Definition, Its Positive and Negative Effects, and How We May Enhance It Prof. Helene Hoi Lam FUNG
p19 Research Smart: A Digital Literacy eLearning Courseware Lai Fong LI
p20 Making Sense of Medical Diagnostic Tests: The eLearning Way Prof. Anna LEE
Patricia TONG
Dr Yan JIN
Prof. Gavin JOYNT
p21 Creating an Online Question Bank to Promote Peer Learning Using the CU eLearning System Dr Rebecca Kit Ying LEE
p22 Using Augmented Reality to Expand Teaching Joseph LEUNG
Prof. Shekhar KUMTA
Dr Yan JIN
p23 Eliminating Flawed Items in HighStake Examination Joseph LEUNG
Prof. Shekhar KUMTA
Dr Yan JIN
p24 Knowledge and Education Exchange Platform (KEEP) Prof. Irwin KING
p25 Revitalising Library Learning Spaces to Support Various Student Learning Styles Ivan CHAN
p26 Design Thinking and the Education of Tshaped Learners Prof. Kevin AU
Bernard SUEN
p27 Vocabulary Expansion for the App Generation: An eLearning Initiative Eddy LI
Dr Beatrice MA
Edsoulla CHUNG
Matthew FUNG
Antony HUEN
Steven YEUNG
p28 Advanced Virtual 3D LeapMotioned Lung for Understanding Human Lung Function Dr Isabel HWANG
Dr Florence Mei Kuen TANG
Prof. Michael TAM
Prof. Xiao Qiang YAO
Dr Yan JIN
p29 The Development of Blended Learning with iOS Mobile Application in Teaching of Histology Dr Florence Mei Kuen TANG
Prof. Kenneth Ka Ho LEE
Dr Isabel HWANG
Prof Paul LAM
Maggie WONG
Olivia Miu Yung NGAN
p30 The Development of Teaching Courseware for Blended Learning in Anatomy: A Pilot Study Dr Florence Mei Kuen TANG
Olivia Miu Yung NGAN
Dr Yan JIN
Joseph LEUNG
Daisy CHEN
Judy LO
Prinporn LAU
p31 Mobile Learning @ CUHK in 2014 Prof. Paul LAM
Kevin WONG
p32 Coming Attractions: Mobile Learning Tools for 2015 Prof. Paul LAM
Kevin WONG
p33 "Chinese Materia Medica Memoriser Smartphone Learning Platform Michael CHUNG
Prof. Yuanan JIANG
Dr Vincent LEE
Dr Chi Sun NG
Winnie LEE
p34 Meridian Illustrator The Interactive Acupuncture Textbook Michael CHUNG
Prof. Yuanan JIANG
Simon HO
Lilian LO
Wendy FAN
p35 Platform for Multimedia Educational Resources (PMER) Dr David Lap Kei CHOW
Dr Fred Kei Tat KU
p36 Create Courseware for Enhancing Teaching and Learning Judy LO
Daisy CHEN
Taylor TANG
p37 CU eLearning System User Forum Prof. Paul LAM
Judy LO
p38 Using Online Selflearning Systems to Elevate the Teaching and Learning Quality and Efficiency of Laboratory Classes Prof. Lawrence CHIU
p39 Some Experience in Experiential Learning Activities Prof. Ming Chung CHU
p40 Promoting Intercultural Competence and GlobalMindedness through Critical Reflection Prof. Jane JACKSON
p41 Developing Green Fluorescent Protein as a New Tool for Teaching Cell Biology in Large Class Prof. Liwen JIANG
p42 1. Adopting PeerCreated Multimedia Resources for Teaching & Learning 2. Facebook for Teaching & Learning Dr Fred Kei Tat KU
p43 Developing Mastery in Teaching: What Motivates Us? Prof. Shekhar KUMTA
p44 The Challenges and Implementation of Largescale Courses and Quality Assurance Processes for the 9Unit ELTU Programme Dr Jose LAI
p45 The Efficacy of Using the Internet in Physical Activity Promotion Dr Fung Lin LEUNG
p46 Inspiring Students to be Creative through Technological Innovation Prof. Wei Hsin LIAO
p47 Learning and Teaching: Integrating Clinical Social Work Practice and Research into Teaching Prof. Lai Chong MA
p48 Design of Discussion Topics and Facilitation of Group Discussion of Euclids Element in a General Education Course
p49 Diascopic Approach as a Way to Connect Science with Humanity in General Education Dr Wing Hung WONG
p50 Lecture Recording Now Available in all Communal Classrooms Edman CHAN
p51 Upgrading and Integrating IDEAL for Formative Assessments and Life Long Learning Skills Teaching in Paediatrics Prof. Anthony NELSON
Prof. Simon LAM
Dr Yan JIN
Jenny FANG
Churk CHAN
Stella CHOW
Prof. Anisha ABRAHAM
Prof. Shekhar KUMTA
p52 Analytical Methods in Physics: A Selflearning Project Using Micromodules Dr Man Ho CHAN
King Chun LAI
p53 Micromodules for Freshman Physics Dr Shiu Sing TONG
Prof. Kenneth YOUNG
Yik Hei LAM