Relevant Committees

Audit Committee

  • To consider the appointment of the external auditors, audit fee, and any other issues;

  • To review the annual report and financial statements of the University;

  • To offer to the University’s Council such additional assurance as it may reasonably require of the reliability of financial information submitted to it and of financial statements issued by the University, as well as the compliance by the University and its subordinated bodies with all statutes and other regulations to whcih they are subject;

  • To discuss with the University’s auditors the general approach to and scope of their audits;

  • To review the external auditor’s management letter and University management’s responses;

  • To review the internal audit plan and ensure coordination between internal and external auditors; and

  • To undertake such other related tasks as the University’s Council may from time to time entrust to it.

  • Risk Management Committee

  • To formulate and keep under review a risk management policy for approval by the University's Council;

  • To oversee and coordinate all activities aimed at identifying, assessing and mitigating risks that may adversely or beneficially affect the University's ability to achieve its objectives in education, research, knowledge transfer and community engagement; and

  • To develop a risk register at institutional level for report to the University's Council, at least annually.